About us

The specialized rehabilitation hospital ZDRAVE LTD, Bankya was opened in 1973. The sole owner is the Central Cooperation Union (CCU). In 2003, a large-scale program was undertaken and implemented for the overall renovation and re-equipment, as well as for the construction of a modern sports and healing center (SHC). Today, the complex is a balneotherapy center of national importance designed for year-round prophylactics, rehabilitation and recreation both for patients suffering from cardiovascular, neurological, diseases of the locomotor apparatus, metabolic disorders and for prophylactic of healthy people. The annual number of patients who stay at the complex exceeds 8,000. In 2006, the Accreditation Commission with the Ministry of Health assessed the hospital’s overall activity as “excellent” for a period of 5 years.

The town of Bankya is an established resort situated within 17 km of Sofia, along the northern hilly foot of the Lyulin Mountains, at an elevation above the sea level of 630-750 m. The climate is moderate continental with slight mountainous influence. The average annual air temperature is 9.40 C, as the average January temperature is +20 C and average July temperature +19.60 C. Moreover, the climate of Bankya is unique with the fact that a mountain draught from Vitosha and Lyulin mountains is pushed in every 2-3 hours that saturates the atmosphere with freshness and oxygen (negative aeroions). The mineral water is the major curative factor in the resort, with a temperature of 36.50 C – 370 C at the spring. The water is of low mineralized, hypothermal, hydrocarbon-sulphate-sodium, with low hardness, clear, colorless, odorless and is very tasty. The balneotherapy with mineral water in Bankya is conducted by using of bathtubs, pools, underwater massage, inhalations, drinking of the water, as its impact on the organism is local and general. Its proper and regular use serves as a serious protection against the symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion, and also delays the ageing processes. The mineral water facilitates and enhances the restoration processes after pulling through serious illnesses and prevents its becoming chronic and complicated. Complex’s guests use the mineral water for medical procedures, in the pools of the sports and healing center and in each of the rooms and suites.