Curative and prophylactic procedures


The sector of balneological and hydrotherapy has:

two pools for underwater remedial gymnastics (URG) and a sauna, bathtubs and jet massage systems.


The sector of physiotherapy

is fitted with equipment for light, electric therapy, lye treatment and laser therapy room.



The procedures cover group and individual gymnastics, underwater gymnastics, partial and overall massage. There is also a consulting room for logopedic exercises. The total number of procedures provided exceeds 100. The hospital provides 24-hour medical team duty. In connection with the increasing need of highly qualified pre-hospital assistance and expansion and facilitation of the access to the package of medical services, a medical center with specialized consulting rooms was open at the hospital. The complex offers free admission for rest, rehabilitation and treatment of organized groups from the country or abroad. The complex also admits patients under contracts with the National Health Insurance Fund and under contracts with the National Security Institute.


The complex has: